San Diego School Visits

By October 8, 2014Health

While in San Diego, Mrs. International Maggi Thorne and I had the opportunity to visit with students in Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) classes at El Capitan High School and Valhalla High School. This incredible program focuses on preparing students for both college and careers. It was an honor to be asked to make an appearance to talk to the students. I shared with them about the benefits of healthy living, the Fuel Up to Play 60 Program, a little about my personal story, and tips for college and standardized testing.

Never in my pageant career have I felt so loved and adored by an audience. The teens at both high schools were SO excited to see us! You would have thought we were a couple of superstars. It was encouraging and exciting knowing that students were eager to meet us and anxious to hear what we had to say. It is so humbling knowing that I have been given the opportunity to make a positive impact in the life of my peers across the country. I think they were almost as intrigued by my Southern accent as they were with what I was saying. I personally do not think my accent is that noticeable but they were very entertained by my use of the word “y’all.” They were an amazing audience to say the least! In true teenage form we finished off the visit with lots of selfies. I had a blast signing autographs and getting to personally meet the students.

Thank you Maggi for including me in your weekend in San Diego, for being an incredible role model, and for letting me share this amazing experience with you!