MoneyThink Mentoring

By December 1, 2017Finance

Serving as a MoneyThink mentor at Lafayette High School this semester has been an absolute blast! Each week I have had the chance to share the importance of budgeting, saving, banking and having an awareness of your spendings with a great group of high school seniors. They have kept me in the loop about all of the trendy teenage things, and it has been so fun going back to high school each week.

Our group very quickly realized that our most frequent purchases were made on food, so after a detailed comparison of the best chicken tenders in Oxford, my small group came up with the name of “Canes Make it Rain” for ourselves because of our favorite chicken at Raising Canes. We started our lesson each week with a high and low of the week as well as a way we were a smart money saver when making purchases that week. It was such a blessing getting to connect with these sweet students, and I sure am going to miss them!