In 2013 (my sophomore year of high school) my life was changed for the better when I attended the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership seminar! The importance of service leadership was instilled in me, and I learned so much about inspiring people to action. I have had the pleasure of returning to the seminar each year as a Junior Counselor or speaker, and this year was my 6th HOBY!

This was my 4th time to speak at the seminar, and I was able to share some of the most important lessons I learned and how they have applied to my life since:

  • The best way to lead people is by serving them
  • Service is a lot more fun when you find a form of it that you are passionate about
  • Being a leader doesn’t always make you the most liked person in the room, but it can make you one of the most respected if done right
  • Dreaming big is 100% possible, you just have to break that dream down into smaller goals that lead to it
  • Timing and relationships are everything

The best part of coming back each year is seeing my sweet friends from across Arkansas that have made my HOBY experience so incredible each year! I loved catching up with old friends and meeting the new faces that give of their time so generously to this organization. They all inspire me to be the best servant leader that I can be:) I am so thankful for my involvement with HOBY, and I hope to continue giving back to it in any way possible for years to come!